Cheetah Attack

July 11th, 2008
Cheetah Attack

A D.-V.A.S. jammer (aka prey) fights off an attack from a Death Track Doll sporting a cheetah helmet while an onlooking zebra referee hangs back.

This is another shot from a recent Toronto Roller Derby match last weekend.  A lomo preset was used to add an interesting effect.

P.S. Sorry for the wildlife references… the image just reminds me so much of a cheetah hunting prey with zebras in the background.  No offense to anyone, the outfits are cool!  Too many nature programs for me, I think! 😉

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One Response to “Cheetah Attack”

  1. Demi Mondaine says:

    Actually, you wildlife references are spot-on! Most roller derby refs that I know (quite a few, mind) refer to themselves as zebras (I know of at least one with amazing zebra-motif ink); one gent I know regularly wears a shirt emblazoned with ‘legion of zebras’ across the chest. In addition, I know that when I’m blocking, the opposing jammer most certainly is “prey” to me. Thanks for posting such a great shot; would you mind sending it along to someone at (not sure exactly to whom it should be sent; you should be able to find out on the site)? Hope you bring your camera to the next bout. Cheers!

    -Demi Mondaine, #000

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