Hopewell Rocks, N.B.

June 13th, 2009
Hopewell Rocks, N.B.

Located on the Bay of Fundy, the Hopewell Rocks are unique formations that can be explored both by sea kayak or on foot, thanks to the world’s largest tides. I managed to arrive at low tide (or slightly thereafter) and was able to walk around the many “flower pot” formations, such as the one pictured here.

Of all the shots I took today, I think this is my favorite. In general, the lighting was difficult with the sun casting most of the rock formations in silhouette. The masses of tourists also didn’t help, as they were constantly in the shots. The location of this formation allowed it to be lit from the side, providing some detail in the rock. It was also located away from most of the other formations so the tourists didn’t find it (except for me of course!).

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3 Responses to “Hopewell Rocks, N.B.”

  1. Frida says:

    Beautiful colors and how on earth did that the grow up there?? 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Well, these are called the “Flower Pot Rocks”, so somebody must have planted them! 😉

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