RawPixels is a photoblog exhibiting the work of photographer Rob Jamieson.

About the name: RawPixels is composed of two terms relating to digital photography.  The first represents the digital workflow used to capture and process photographs in their unprocessed “raw” state.   The second term “pixel” is the technical name of a single point/dot of colour in a digital image. Each image is made of many individual pixels.

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About my work

I shoot solely in digital format, primarily using a dSLR which is currently a Canon EOS 20d.   Since I live in an urban area (Toronto, Canada), the majority of my work at home has an urban theme to it.  This isn’t a hard rule, I try to mix it up on occasion.  I also enjoy photography while traveling, much to the dismay of my travel companions who must be patient while I get “the perfect shot”.  I photograph my travels to preserve my memories, and also to create interesting art.  There are so many interesting and beautiful places on this planet!

My current workflow consists of shooting the photos in raw format, importing and post processing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop when needed.  

A few words about post processing…

In this new digital era it is  increasingly difficult to avoid post processing.  Whether its done automatically in your camera, or in an editor like Photoshop, chances are most people process their photos from their original raw state.

I’m one of those people.  I may use minor post processing to clean up small annoyances such as sensor dust, or to reduce sensor noise. My post processing also usually includes very slight adjustments to contrast, exposure or levels/curves to achieve a desired look and feel.  Consider this the digital equivalent to what your local photo-finisher does when you drop off a roll of film for developing. It is with this understanding that I think we can consider digital photographs in varying artistic styles as true pictures of reality.

Of course, there are the odd exceptions to the rule.  What’s the point of having rules if we can’t break them? 🙂  If for some reason more processing was done on an image than is typical, I will state what was done in the  body of the post.  I’m not one to pretend I’m a better photographer than I really am.

More about me

I’ve been interested in photography since about 2000, at which time I had my first digital camera: a 2 megapixel Canon S10 point-and-shoot.  Even though this camera was very simple, it was enough to get me hooked.  Since then, I’ve spent more money than I should have upgrading my gear and continuously improving my technique and style.  I will never stop learning, and my style will likely continue to change as time goes on.  

You can find more of my images on my Flickr page.

If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, you might be interested in The Photography Project, an event for aspiring photographers to exhibit and sell their work for a local charity.  

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About this site

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