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Blowing Leaves at Yasukuni Shrine

Friday, February 5th, 2010
Blowing Leaves at Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine honours soldiers who have died fighting for the Emperor of Japan. It is fairly famous in the far East for various reasons (historic and political), but this photo is not about the shrine as much as the entrance to it. Leading up to the shrine is a long mall bordered with trees. At the time I was there (early December), the trees were pretty much at their peak colours. The clear blue sky and bright sun really made the yellow leaves seem extra bright. An occasional gust of wind would stir up leaves, making it a really beautiful sight to behold.

I really wanted to capture the scene complete with blowing leaves, so I waited around with camera in hand for more than a few minutes. But of course, like a watched pot that does not boil, the wind didn’t blow while I waited. Finally, as I was about to leave, a small gust picked up some leaves which I quickly snapped some shots of.

I used a polarizing filter to help the colours pop and to darken the blue sky a bit. A slight vibrance and saturation boost were added in Lightroom. I think the final image comes pretty close to depicting what I actually experienced there. I only wish the leaves were a little more visible in the shot.